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Vick Library WebsiteArchaeology Bibliography



Archaeology Bibliography



Archaeology And The Religion Of Israel


Egypt And Bible History: From Earliest Times To 1000 B.C.


Encyclopedia Of Archaeological Excavations In The Holy Land


The Old Testament And Archaeology


Out Of The Earth: The Witness Of Archaeology To The New Testament


The New International Dictionary Of Biblical Archaeology


 What Mean These Stones? The Significance Of Archeology For Biblical Studies


Bible And Spade: An Introduction To Biblical Archaeology


Archaeology Of The Bible: book by book


Hidden Things Of God's Revelation


Discovering The Bible: Archaeologists Look At Scripture


The Stones Cry Out: A Small Compendium Of Biblical Archaeology


Bible, Archaeology, And Faith


Archaeology And Bible History


Archaeology Of The Old Testament


The Philistines And The Old Testament


The Stones Cry Out


Archaeology And The Ancient Testament: The Christian's God Of The Old Testament Vs. Canaanite 



Archaeology And Our Old Testament Contemporaries


The Bible And Recent Archaeology


The Bible In Its World: The Bible & Archaeology Today


The Bible Comes Alive


These Were God's People: A Bible History


Archaeology, The Rabbis, & Early Christianity


Confirming The Scriptures: The Witness Of Archeology To The Trustworthiness Of Bible History


Archaeology and the Bible


Tell El Amarna And The Bible


Ras Shamra and the Bible


The Flood In The Light Of The Bible


Biblical Archaeology: Its Use And Abuse


Biblical Archaeology In Focus


Archaeology Of The Jordan Valley


The Bible And Archaeology


Archaeology And The Old Testament


Beginnings In Bible Archaeology


Archaeology In Bible Lands


Jerusalem As Jesus Knew It: Archaeology As Evidence


Highlights Of Biblical Archaeology: A Series Of Charts And Outlines


 Visual Highlights Of The Bible: Showing The Integrity Of The World's Greatest Book


Archaeology And The Bible: An Introductory Study


Creation Revealed In Six Days: The Evidence Of Scripture Confirmed By Archaeology


Biblical Archaeology


Masada: Herod's Fortress And The Zealots' Last Stand


The Archaeology Of New Testament Cities In Western Asia Minor


Persia and the Bible


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