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Biblical Counseling

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Vick Library WebsiteBiblical Counseling Research Guide
This research guide provides an introduction to psychology and counseling resources available in and through the Vick Library. Resources listed represent various secular approaches as well as Christian integrationist and nouthetic schools.

Reference Works



Periodical Indexes & Abstracts





A site detailing the philosophy, activities, and history of NANC. Resources include full-text articles from Biblical Counselor.



The Library subscribes to several Christian magazines and journals related to counseling.
Many publications are available in electronic format in the EBSCO A to Z Services.

Dewey Call Numbers (Browsing Shelves)

Materials relevant to the study of biblical counseling are located in several segments of the Dewey Decimal Classification. Following is an overview that should facilitate browsing.
150 Psychology
150.1 Philosophy and theory
152 Sensory perception, movement, emotions, physiological drives
Conscious mental processes and intelligence
Subconscious and altered states and processes
155 Differential and developmental psychology
Comparative psychology
158 Applied psychology
158.3 Counseling and interviewing
Moral theology
Christian life and practice [includes marriage and family] 
248.8 Guides to Christian life for specific classes of persons 
Christian observances in family life  
Pastoral office and work (Pastoral theology) 
253.5 Counseling and spiritual direction 
Pastoral care of families, of specific kinds of persons 
259.1 Pastoral care of families 
Pastoral care of young people 
Pastoral care of persons in late adulthood 
Pastoral care of persons with disabilities, with physical or mental illnesses 
Pastoral care of delinquents and criminals 
Pastoral care of the bereaved 
Christianity and secular disciplines: Psychology 
Social problems and social welfare in general 
Mental disorders

Subject Headings

Many library catalogs and electronic resources use Library of Congress Subject Headings to describe the subject content of books and other material. Since psychology and counseling is a broad field of study with many areas of specialization, it should come as no surprise that there are hundreds--perhaps thousands--of Library of Congress Subject Headings relevant to psychological topics. Below is a sampling of subject headings that may prove useful to Vick Library researchers.
Psychology and Counseling in General
  • Counseling
    • --Law and legislation
    • --Moral and ethical aspects
  • Psychology
    • --Methodology
    • --Philosophy

See also headings denoting specific kinds or aspects of counseling: Short-term counseling; Mass media in counseling.

See also headings beginning with Counseling or using Counseling as a parenthetical qualifier: Counseling in adult education; Hotlines (Counseling).
See also subdivision Psychology under titles of religious works, religions, religious topics, classes of persons, and names of individuals: Bible--Psychology; Buddhism--Psychology; Conversion--Psychology; Clergy--Psychology; Hitler, Adolf, 1889-1945--Psychology.
See also subdivision Psychological aspects under other topics: Abortion--Psychological aspects.
See also headings beginning with forms of the word Psychology or using Psychology as a parenthetical qualifier: Psychological tests; Attitude (Psychology).
Psychology and Counseling in Religious Perspective
  • Counseling--Religious aspects--Christianity
  • Pastoral counseling
  • Psychiatry and religion
  • Psychoanalysis and religion
  • Psychology and religion
  • Psychology, Religious

See also topics related to Christian life and ministry, such as Discipling (Christianity), Meditation, and Spiritual warfare.

See also topics subdivided by Religious aspects or Religious aspects--Christianity, such as Depression, Mental--Religious aspects--Christianity.
Psychology and Counseling in Biblical Perspective
  • Bible--Psychology
  • Counseling--Biblical teaching
  • Spiritual formation

See also topics subdivided by Biblical teaching, such as Love--Biblical teaching.

See also topics subdivided by Pastoral counseling of, such as Addicts--Pastoral counseling of.

Other Resources

Many theses and dissertations related to Christian counseling can be located by searching the Theological Research Exchange Network database.
The following authors represent the nouthetic approach to counseling taught in the Baptist Bible Graduate School of Theology:
The following organizations publish and/or distribute nouthetic counseling materials:


Last Updated: July 28, 2007


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