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Vick Library WebsiteHomiletics Bibliography



Homiletics Bibliography

Living Doctrine In A Vital Pulpit

 Sense Appeal In The Sermons Of Charles Haddon Spurgeon

Studies In Preaching

Pulpit Speech

Preaching With Purpose: A Comprehensive Textbook On Biblical Preaching

Preaching With Purpose: The Urgent Task Of Homiletics

Essays On Biblical Preaching

Preaching With Purpose And Power: selected E. Y. Mullins Lectures on Preaching

Preparing For Platform And Pulpit

The Preaching Moment: A Guide To Sermon Delivery

An Introduction To Contemporary Preaching

The Heart Of The Yale Lectures

Preaching To Convince

The Mystery Of Preaching

Expository Preaching For Today: Case Studies Of Bible Passages

Biographical Preaching For Today: The Pulpit Use Of Bible Cases

Doctrinal Preaching For Today: Case Studies Of Bible Teachings

Planning A Year's Pulpit Work

Expository Preaching For Today: Case Studies Of Bible Passages

The Preparation Of Sermons

The Secret Of Pulpit Power: Through Thematic Christian Preaching,

How To Prepare Bible Messages

On The Preparation And Delivery Of Sermons

The Art Of Preaching

Steps To The Sermon: A Plan For Sermon Preparation

A Quest For Reformation In Preaching

The Art Of Illustrating Sermons

Building Sermons To Meet People's Needs

Expository Preaching: The Art Of Preaching Through A Book Of The Bible

Pleading With Men

The Sermon: Its Construction And Delivery

Lectures On Preaching: Delivered In The Divinity School

 Today's Gospel: Authentic Or Synthetic?

Preaching As Communication: An Interpersonal Perspective

The Preaching Event

Preaching To Be Understood

Preaching And Biblical Theology

Christ's Ambassadors: The Priority Of Preaching

A Guide To Biblical Preaching


The Young Preacher

Preaching With Confidence: A Theological Essay On The Power Of The Pulpit,

Design For Preaching

Principles Of Preaching: A Textbook, Based On The Inductive Method, For Class Use And Private Study

Guide To Biographical Preaching

An Introduction To Homiletics

Proclaiming The Truth: Guides To Scriptural Preaching

Humor In Preaching

Preaching Is Dialogue: A Concise Introduction To Homiletics

The Lay Preacher's Handbook: First Steps In Homiletics

How To Prepare Sermons

Preaching For Today

The Servant Of The Word

A Guide To Self-Improvement In Sermon Delivery

Essentials For Biblical Preaching: An Introduction To Basic Sermon Preparation

Preaching And Teaching The New Testament

Preaching That Connects

The Christian Preacher

A Guide To Preachers

The Preacher And His Preaching

In Christ's Stead: Being The Warrack Lectures On Preaching For 1925

Christ In The Marvelous Book

Preaching The Word

The Structure Of Sermons: Basic Homiletics

Crisis In The Pulpit: The Pulpit Faces Future Shock

Dynamic Preaching

Introducing The Sermon: The Art Of Compelling Beginnings

Illustrating The Sermon

The Theology Of A Preacher

Creativity In Preaching

The Work Of Preaching: A Book For The Class-Room And Study

How To Preach To People's Needs

How To Improve Your Preaching

You Can Preach!: Building And Delivering The Sermon

Toward An Exegetical Theology: Biblical Exegesis For Preaching And Teaching

Diagrammatical Analysis

The Bible In The Pulpit: The Renewal Of Biblical Preaching,

A Treatise On Homiletics: Designed To Illustrate The True Theory And Practice Of Preaching The Gospel

Expository Preaching Without Notes

Elements Of Style For Preaching

Prescription For Preaching

The Sermon: Its Homiletical Construction

Inductive Preaching: Helping People Listen

New Testament Exposition: From Text To Sermon

A Theology Of Preaching: The Dynamics Of The Gospel

How To Preach The Word With Variety

Preaching And Preachers

The Art And Craft Of Preaching

Preaching Sermons That Connect: Effective Communication Through Identification

Evangelistic Preaching That Connects: Guidance In Shaping Fresh & Appealing Sermons

In The Minister's Workshop

Rediscovering Expository Preaching

Preaching Without Notes

Resources For Sermon Preparation

Patterns For Preaching: The Art Of Sermon Making

Designing The Sermon: Order And Movement In Preaching,

The Making Of The Sermon

The Twelve Essential Skills For Great Preaching

Proclaim the Gospel: A Guide To Biblical Preaching

The Preacher-Prophet In Mass Society

The Empowered Communicator: Seven Keys To Unlocking An Audience,

Marketplace Preaching: How To Return The Sermon To Where It Belongs

A Pastor's Perspective On Preaching; After Fifty Years: The John Reed

Miller Lectures At Reformed Theological Seminary,

The Recovery Of Preaching


Principles Of Preaching: Proclaiming And Interpreting The Word Of God

The Word And The Words

The Ministry Of God's Word

Building The Word: The Dynamics Of Communication And Preaching

Preaching In A Revolutionary Age

The Making Of The Sermon: For The Class-Room And The Study

Planning Your Preaching

 The ministry of preaching

Biblical Sermon Guide: A Step-By-Step Procedure For The Preparation

And Presentation

Biblical Preaching For Today's World

A Manual For Biblical Preaching

Evangelistic Preaching

Speaking To Life's Problems

Public Speaking For Ministers

A Primer For Preachers

Headline News: Texts, Themes, Thoughts   

The Glory Of The Ministry; Paul's Exultation In Preaching

Biblical Preaching: The Development And Delivery Of Expository Messages

Storytelling In Preaching

The Craft Of Sermon Construction

The Approach To Preaching

The Craft Of Sermon Illustration

For We Have This Treasure

Homiletics And Pastoral Theology

Retelling The Biblical Story

The Teaching Ministry Of The Pulpit: Its History, Theology, Psychology, And Practice For Today

Persuasive Preaching

The Art Of Preaching

The Prophets As Preachers: An Introduction To The Hebrew Prophets,

Preach On!

A Preacher's Note Book: A Sequel To Sermon Substance

Heralds Of God

Between Two Worlds: The Art Of Preaching In The Twentieth Century

Pastoral Preaching: Timeless Truth For Changing Needs,

The Ministry Of The Word

Preaching And Pastoral Care

Getting Ready For Sunday's Sermon: A Practical Guide For Sermon Preparation

Preaching Biblically: Exegesis And Interpretation

Preaching: The Art Of Communication

Principles Of Expository Preaching

A Practical Guide To Sermon Preparation

Evangelistic Preaching

Power In Expository Preaching

Variety In Your Preaching

The Art Of Biblical Preaching

Preaching On Bible Characters

Preaching And Leading Worship

Heralds Of The Gospel: Message, Method And Motive In Preaching

Preaching From The Prophets


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