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Intercultural Studies

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 Vick Library WebsiteIntercultural Studies Research Guide



The study of missions draws on research in various fields, including theology, anthropology, geography, and history. This document provides an introduction to missions-related resources available in and through the Vick Library.





Reference Works



The Baker Atlas of Christian History

Biographical Dictionary of Christian Missions

Concise Dictionary of the Christian World Mission

Dictionary of Mission: Theology, History, Perspectives

Evangelical Dictionary of World Missions

Operation World: A Day-by-day Guide to Praying for the World

Mission Handbook 2004-2006: U.S. and Canadian Christian Ministries Overseas


World Religions

Encyclopedia of Religion [15 vols.]

World Christian Encyclopedia: A Comparative Survey of Churches and Religions in the Modern World [2 vols.] 


Cultural Anthropology

Encyclopedia of Cultural Anthropology [4 vols.] 

Encyclopedias of the Human Experience [various titles]

Encyclopedia of World Cultures [10 vols.] 



Country Studies

World Factbook [produced by the CIA]




Periodical Indexes & Abstracts




Anthropological Index Online

ATALA Religion Database with ATLASerials

Christian Periodical Index

Religious & Theological Abstracts

Routledge Religion Resources

Southern Baptist Periodical Index






World Religion

Religions of the World

Minnesota State University's Emuseum is a kind of introduction to the major world religions. The information provided on these religions includes history, basic beliefs, terms, and links to other sites.

Wabash Center for Teaching and Learning in Theology and Religion

Wabash Center maintains this excellent and large site. This a an extremely organized web site with probably more world religion sites here than other general mission gateway sites.



Religious Text

The Internet Sacred Text Archive

This nonprofit site is the single largest religious text archive on the Internet. The content here is quite broad, taking on religion, mythology, legend, folklore occult, and esoteric topics.

Religious and Sacred Texts

Here is another excellent source for full-text religious writings that in many ways is complementary to the Internet Sacred Text Archive. This collection is strong in Old Testament and New Testament period texts not found in the Bible.



Specific Religions

The Hindu Universe

Probably the largest and best single site on Hinduism on the Internet, the Hindu Universe provides links to more than 17,000 sites. The resource directory offers a helpful organization framework for finding resources related to such topics as scriptures, god, worship, philosophy, customs, history, and interfaith relations. This is a project of the Hindu Students Council and is the Web site for the Global Hindu Electronic Networks.

Buddhist Studies WWW Virtual Library

This is one of those sites, which should be available for every religion. It is so thoroughly organized and classified that locating specific information sites is easy. Buddhism is really not a single thing, but a complex of matters, and this site recognizes this. A helpful search engine is available as well.

Resources for the Study of Buddhism

If you need a gateway to general Buddhism resources, this one from Ron Epstein of San Francisco State University is a good choice. The site points to such places as other general resources on Buddhism, sites for Theravada Buddhism teachings, sites for Mahayana Buddishm teachings, sites on Buddhism and science, and online collections of Buddhist texts.

The Islam Page

This is the page to go to for finding information on Islam. Near the top of the pages, one has the opportunity to read the Qur'an in any of more than 20 different languages. There also are several different search tools available for the textual and topical examination of the Qur'an. As one searches further on the Islam Page, one moves into large subject areas of links, which include beliefs of Islam, Muslim character, comparative relgion, and Islamic history.

Judaism and Jewish Resources

Andrew Tannenbaum's site has been the premier gateway to Jewish resources on the Web for many years. The author has annotated all of the pages of links. This is the place to go to find resources. The table of contents on the first page is helpful in that one can link directly to the part of the site one wants to visit.

Gateway to Sikhism

This site is among the best resources for finding material on the Sikh religion. the site is organized around key Sikh subjects and themes. There is also a search engine feature.

Taoism Information Page

This is a large and in-depth site offering links for commentaries and interpretations to the philosophical/religious writings of the Tao, as well as links to sites on Chinese philosophy in general.

Zoroastrianism Page

The single best Zoroastrianism Web resource for good information.




Web Reference Tools


Country Studies (Library of Congress)Full-length studies of more than 100 countries and regions. Includes coverage of history, government, economy, and other aspects of society.


EmbassyWorld.comLinks to embassy sites worldwide.


MisLinksA collection of links to Web sites and pages of interest to students of missions. Provides access to information about missions agencies, missions periodicals, people groups, resources for cross-cultural ministry, countries of the world, and more.


Cybrary of the Holocaust

This unique reference resource provides a good deal of information about the Holocaust in a searchable fashion.

Jewish Virtual Library

This library is more like a living encyclopedia. The sites includes topics such as history, women, biography, politics, Israel, maps, and Judaic Treasures at the Library of Congress.

A Shi'ite Encyclopedia

The encyclopedia can be viewed section by section, or it can be searched by keyword or concept.

Springfield-Greene County Public Library Religion Section on Infotrac

A good resource on a variety of topics and resources available.

Religion Statistics Geography, Church Statistics

A growing collection of over 41,000 adherent statistics and religious geography citations for over 42,000 religions, churches, denominations, religious bodies, faith groups, tribes, cultures, movements, ultimate concerns, etc.



Web Journals


Religious Studies Electronic Journals

This site is from a page on Saundra Lipton and Cheryl Adam's excellent gateway to religious resources. the journals are organized according to religious grouping, and the brief annotations provide the reader with helpful information as to what kind of content is available at the sites.






Missions - Periodicals




Special Collections


Several of the Vick Library's special collections are relevant to students of missions.



  • Baptist History
  • Christian Biography
  • Rare Books



Dewey Class Numbers


Materials related to the study of missions are classed at various points in the Dewey Decimal Classification. Following is an overview that should facilitate browsing.

209.2            Christian biography [including biographies of missionaries]

254.1            Initiation of new churches [e.g., church planting]

261               Social theology and interreligious relations and attitudes

261.1            Role of Christian church in society

261.2            Christianity and other systems of belief

261.7            Christianity and political affairs

261.8            Christianity and socioeconomic problems

266               Missions

266.001        Philosophy and theory

266.009        Historical, geographic, persons treatment

266.01          Biblical teaching/basis

266.022        Home missions

266.023        Foreign missions

266.025        Medical missions and missionaries

266.03          Qualifications, call, and training of missionaries

266.08          True missionary accounts (plays, poems, etc.)

266.1-266.9  Missions of specific denominations and sects

266.6            Baptist missions

269.2            Evangelism

294.3            Buddhism

294.4            Jainism

294.5            Hinduism

294.6            Sikhism

295               Zoroastrianism (Mazdaism, Parseeism)

296               Judaism

297               Islam, Babism, Bahai Faith

301               Sociology and anthropology

305.8            Racial, ethnic, national groups

306               Culture and institutions

940               General history of Europe; Western Europe

950               General history of Asia; Orient; Far East

960               General history of Africa

970               General history of North America

980               General history of South America

990               General history of other parts of world, of extraterrestrial worlds; Pacific Ocean islands




Subject Headings & Subdivisions



General Headings & Subdivisions

  • Mission of the church
  • Missionaries
    • --Appointment, call, and election
    • --Biography
    • --Leaves and furloughs
    • --Psychology
    • --Training of
  • Missionaries, Resignation of
  • Missionaries' spouses
  • Missions
    • --Anthropological aspects
    • --Biblical teaching
    • --Finance
    • --History
    • --Sermons
    • --Theory

Types of Missionaries & Missionary Work

  • City missions
  • Home missions
  • Lay missionaries
  • Missionaries, Medical
  • Missions
    • --Agricultural work
    • --Educational work
    • --Linguistic work
  • Missions, Medical
  • Part-time missionaries

Missions to Specific Groups of People

  • Missions to Buddhists
    • [Use this pattern for Hindus, Jews, Muslims, etc.]
  • Asians--Missions
  • Bemba (African people)--Missions
  • Germans--Missions

Missionary Work in Specific Geographic Contexts

  • Missionaries--Africa
  • Missions--Europe
  • Missions--South Africa
  • Missions--Brazil--Rio de Janeiro

Missionary Work Sponsored by Specific Groups of People

  • Missions, American
  • Baptists--Missions
  • Southern Baptist Convention--Missions 



Other Resources


Many theses and dissertations related to missions can be located by searching the Theological Research Exchange Network database.



Last Updated: August 8, 2007


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