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Systematic Theology Topics

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Vick Library WebsiteSystematic Theology Topics


You can locate collateral reading for theology courses in several ways. Becoming familiar with the varieties of theological literature available will enable you to find what you are looking for even when you are researching an obscure topic. Following is an overview of some of the best resources the Vick Library has to offer.



Systematic Theologies



Perhaps the most obvious way to find a discussion of a theological topic is to look in a systematic theology volume or set. Most systematic theologies have a call number that begins with 230.04. Below is a list of theologies that are popular with Vick Library users. These items can be found in for both the General and Reference collections. Use the book's table of contents and/or index to locate the specific chapters or pages that discuss your topic.




Bancroft, Emery H.                               Christian Theology: Systematic and Biblical 



Berkhof, Louis.                                     Systematic Theology 



Buswell, James Oliver.                           A Systematic Theology of the Christian Religion 



Chafer, Lewis Sperry.                           Systematic Theology [8 vols.] 



Demarest, Bruce, and Gordon Lewis.     Integrative Theology [3 vols.] ]


Erickson, Millard J.                               Christian Theology 



Evans, William.                                     The Great Doctrines of the Bible 



Grudem, Wayne.                                   Systematic Theology: An Introduction to Biblical Doctrine 



Hodge, Charles.                                    Systematic Theology [3 vols.] 



Ryrie, Charles C.                                   Basic Theology 



Strong, Augustus H.                               Systematic Theology


Tiessen, Henry Clarence.                       Introductory Lectures in Systematic Theology


Thiessen, Henry Clarence.                     Lectures in Systematic Theology




Books on Specific Branches of Theology


You can also look for information within books that focus on a particular branch of theology. Following is a list of Dewey Decimal Classification call numbers that relate to the branches of theology taught at Baptist Bible College and Graduate School.


220                   Bible

220.1                           Origins and authenticity

220.12                        Canon

220.13              Inspiration

220.132            Inerrancy

231.74              Revelation


Theology Proper

231                   God

231.1                God the Father

231.2                God the Son

231.3                God the Holy Spirit

231.4                Attributes

231.5                Providence

231.6                Love and wisdom

231.7                Relation to the world

231.8                Justice and goodness



231.2                God the Son

232                   Jesus Christ and his family; Christology

232.1                Incarnation and Messiahship of Christ

232.13             Virgin birth [see also 232.921]

232.2                Christ as Logos (Word of God)

232.3                Christ as Redeemer

232.4                Sacrifice of Christ

232.5                Resurrection of Christ

232.8                Divinity and humanity of Jesus

232.921            Virgin birth [see also 232.13]



231.3                God the Holy Spirit

231.74              Revelation

234.13              Spiritual gifts



235                   Spiritual beings

235.3                Angels

235.4                Devils (Demons)

235.47              Satan (Lucifer)



233                   Humankind

233.1                Creation and fall

233.4                Accountability

233.5                Nature

233.7                Freedom of choice between good and evil



233                   Humankind

233.14              Original sin and fall

233.4                Accountability [including guilt]

233.7                Freedom of choice between good and evil

241.3                Sin and vices



234                   Salvation (Soteriology) and grace

234.2                Faith and hope

234.3                Redemption

234.4                Regeneration

234.5                Repentance and forgiveness

234.6                Obedience

234.7                Justification

234.8                Santification and holiness

234.9                Predestination and free will



234.161            Baptism [see also 265.1]

234.163            Eucharist (Holy Communion, Lord's Supper) [see also 264.36]

253                   Pastoral office and work (Pastoral theology)

262                   Ecclesiology

262.1                Governing leaders of churches

262.14              Local clergy [including deacons]

262.15              Laity

264.36              Holy Communion (Eucharist, Lord's Supper, Mass) [see also 234.163]

265.1                Baptism [see also 234.161]



236                   Prophecy: general works and discussion

236.1                Concerning the O.T. period

236.2                Concerning the N.T. period

236.3                Concerning the end of this age; signs of the times; world wars

236.4                Second coming; Rapture

236.5                Concerning the Tribulation period

236.6                Concerning the Millennium period; Kingdom

236.7                Concerning the postmillennium period

236.8                Concerning the Great White Throne and after

237                   Future things, Eschatology

237.1                Death

237.2                Immortality

237.3                Resurrection

237.4                Judgment

237.5                Eternity

237.6                Heaven

237.7                Hell

237.8                Retribution, Punishment



Electronic Resources


Religion Database with ATLASerials

Christian Periodical Index

New Testament Abstracts

Old Testament Abstracts

Religious & Theological Abstracts

Routledge Religion Resources

Southern Baptist Periodical Index

Thesaurus Linguae Graecae



Other Resources


Two other resources are worthy of mention here. First, you can use reference materials to find summaries of the theological positions of authors with whom you are not familiar. Following is a list of some works that will prove useful.

Evangelical Dictionary of Theology / Ed. Walter A. Elwell

Handbook of Evangelical Theologians / Ed. Walter A. Elwell

A New Handbook of Christian Theologians / Ed. Donald W. Musser and Joseph L. Price

New 20th-Century Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge / Ed. J. D. Douglas

Religious Leaders of America / J. Gordon Melton

Who's Who in Theology: From the First Century to the Present / John Bowden



Second, Internet sites are emerging that facilitate research in biblical studies and theology. Following are links to some of the more useful sites:

Biblical Studies Foundation

Christian Classics Ethereal Library





Last Updated: August 13, 2007


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